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Personal Care/Private Duty Home Care/Non-Medical Home Care

At We C.A.R.E. Home Health Agency, we believe in fostering meaningful relationships between clients and caregivers. We understand that it's not just about providing care—it's about building connections.

We take the time to get to know you on a personal level. We learn about your interests, routines, and preferences to ensure that we match you with a caregiver who not only has the necessary skills and experience but also shares common interests and values.

We believe that when there's a strong personal connection between clients and caregivers, it creates a more fulfilling experience for both parties. Many of our clients find that their caregivers become like family, providing not just care but also companionship and support.


At We C.A.R.E. Home Health Agency, it's not just about the tasks we perform—it's about the relationships we build. We're dedicated to making a difference in your life by providing compassionate care and forming meaningful connections that last a lifetime. Personal care services encompass a range of assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) that support individuals with tasks they may need help with due to age, illness, or disability. 

Holding Hands


Bathing: Assistance with bathing or showering, including help getting in and out of the tub or shower, washing, and drying.


Dressing: Aid with selecting appropriate clothing, putting on, and taking off clothes, including fastening buttons, zippers, and other closures.


Grooming: Support with personal grooming tasks such as combing hair, brushing teeth, shaving, and applying makeup.

Exercise Assistance: Support with performing prescribed exercises or physical therapy routines to maintain or improve strength, flexibility, and mobility.

Toileting: Help with using the toilet, including assistance with transferring on and off the toilet, wiping, and maintaining personal hygiene.


Feeding: Assistance with meal preparation and feeding if the individual has difficulty with self-feeding due to physical limitations or cognitive impairments.


Mobility Assistance: Aid with transferring in and out of bed, chairs, or wheelchairs, as well as assistance with walking, using mobility aids, or navigating stairs.​

Companionship: Providing social interaction, conversation, and emotional support to alleviate loneliness and promote mental well-being.

Medication Reminders: Prompting to take prescribed medications at the correct times, as well as assistance with opening medication containers if needed.


Monitoring Vital Signs: Regular monitoring of vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and blood sugar levels, and reporting any abnormalities to healthcare providers.


Skin Care: Assistance with skincare routines, including applying lotions or creams to prevent dryness or irritation, and monitoring for signs of skin breakdown or pressure ulcers.​

Light Housekeeping: Basic household chores such as tidying up living areas, doing laundry, washing dishes, and changing bed linens to maintain a clean and safe environment.

These services can be tailored to meet the individual needs and preferences of each person receiving care, and the level of assistance required may vary depending on factors such as health status, mobility, and level of independence.


We have flexible schedules and on-call support 24/7, with day, evening, and overnight options to give our clients and their loved ones the trust, security, and safety they need.  All of this is accomplished to give our clients increase independence, dignity, and comfort in their homes.


We are a provider under the Office of Long-term Living Pennsylvania Waiver Program. 


We accept the following Waivers:

ACT 150 Waiver

OBRA Waiver

Community Health Choices Waiver (CHC Waiver)


Insurances we Accept with the CHC Waiver:

Keystone First Community Health Choices 

AmeriHealth Caritas 

UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) 

PA Health And Wellness


There are also a payment plans available:  Private pay (credit card or check), Medicaid, long-term care insurance, Veterans’ benefits, and Workers’ compensation. Additional payment options will be available soon.

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